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operation. plus, a gun buy back event that was so popular, it left some grumbling about the planning. and a california police officer killed today in the line of duty. we'll tell you about his bay area connection. . complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's tuesday, january 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. we begin tonight with new information about a mrifrs fatally shot in the central valley today and his ties to a bay area k-9 organization. the shooting happened this morning in the small community of galt. it's located on highway 99 between stockton and sacramento. galt police say officer kevin tonn confronted a burglary suspect. the two got into a fight, then the man shot officer tonn with a handgun. two other officers chased the suspect, but police say the man
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shot and killed himself. 35-year-old officer tonn can be seen here with his k-9 yaro. now, the small department is mourning its loss. >> everybody enjoyed working with him. he was a hard working officer so -- and he was -- he was a lot of fun to work with. >> we've learned officer tonn was actively involved with the bay area organization called cover your k-9, which provides bullet proof vests for police dogs. tonn and yaro participated at a fundraiser in oakland just last summer. in the bay area, a huge turnout for a gun buyback program in marin county led to some unexpected problems today. allie explains what organizers did once they ran out of cash. >> the buyback program began at 11:00 this morning at five marin county locations. at police headquarters the line to turn in weapons snaked around the build sglg two semiautomatic 22s. haven't used them in year sgls residents who turned $2 semiautomatic 22s. haven't used them in year sgls
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residents who turned in semiautomatics got $00 for each firearm, $100 for other guns. but by noon, the $43,000 set aside for the buyback was gone. the marin county district attorney says those vouchers are not guaranteed. tomorrow his office will count up the vouchers handed out and see if they can fund raise the money later to pay people back. >> hopefully they'll appropriate some more funds, and i'll get my hun bucks. if not, so be it. >> while some people were frustrated. >> a typical government operation. >> others said money was never their motivation. >> i'm not a gun person. i have no need for it, and i thought this was a good thing to do. >> the shootings at sandy hook elementary inspeiered this gun buyback program and this event was tied to coincide the birthday of martin luther king, jr.. >> that was something he believed very passionately and advocate sdmrd the da will tell us tomorrow how many guns it has collected today, and there is another buyback scheduled here in marin county for next monday. the da say that is buyback is
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going to go on as planned, but, again, people will get vouchers, not cash, for their weapons. ktvu channel 2 news. president barack obama and vice president joe biden plan to unveil their packages tomorrow aimed at reducing gun violence. they'll be joined by children across the country who wrote to the president in the wake of the newtown school shooting. the president is reportedly weighing 19 additional steps he could take through executive order meaning without congressional approval. san jose's new interim police chief spoke out for the first time today telling us what he hopes to accomplish and why he doesn't want the job full time. >> for personal reasons, i did not, but i'd be more than happy to take the interim position now, and i'm looking forward to the challenge and -- and trying to improve morale and help retain some of our officers and further some of the project sgls san jose's current chief chris moore retires at the end of the week.
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city leaders had hoped to hire a new chief right now. today on the 10:00 news we'll look at the reasons for the setback in their search. san francisco mayor ed lee announced to do long-await police substation will open next month in the city's central market area. the station is located on 6th street between jes seshgs and mission street. construction is expected to be complete in a couple of weeks. the mayor says the new station can help revitalize the area. the 6th street corridor has been plagued for years. now, to our continuing coverage of efforts to curb gun violence in oakland. tonight the city public safety meeting is meeting to consider had success in lowering crime rates in other cities. dozens of protesters turned out to show their opposition to the move. the city has proposed bringing on former los angeles police chief william bratten as a consultant. the demonstrators say bratten's policies such as stop and frisk are racist and unconstitutional but police chief howard jordan supports him.
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>> i think he's a wonderful leader in law enforcement. i look forward to working with him. i don't expect any of the controversy that is surrounding him to be an issue for us. >> the public safety committee is expected to approve the contract later tonight. there is a new proposal tonight to rename the san francisco airport in honor of the city's -- one of the city's most revered politicians. jana live now at sfo to tell us about the name campaign. jana. >> well, the idea is to put harvey milks' name right up there and change sfo to har ree nook san francisco sis key international airport. millions of passengers pass through sfo and the idea of renaming the airport after a politician is getting mixed reactions. today at city hal near the statue of former supervisor and gay activist harvey milk, the board heard a proposal to name the airport after the late
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politician. supervisor david campos authorized the plan. >> the 80 airports that have been named after an individual, not a single one of them has been named after an openly-gay person. in fact, there is no airport in the world, to our knowledge, that is named after an openly-lgbt individual. >> in 1977, harvey milk became the first openly-gay person elected to office in the u.s.. he was assassinated in november, 1978. >> i think the most important figure in the history of the lgbt community, and this would be a terrific honor. >> in san francisco, milk's name is already on a public library and an elementary school honoring the gay rights pioneer. at sfo passengers had mixed resglaks i think it would be a good way to honor him. >> no, no, no. sfo. you know, it's like lax. sfo. it's easier to compute everything. >> a name change would cost money to redo signs around the airport and on area highways.
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in 2001, it cost san jose $850,000 to add norman's name to the airport there. at least six supervisors must pass this proposal in order to get it on the november ballot, and then it would be up to san francisco voters to decide. reporting live from sfo, jana, ktvu channel 2 news. the board of supervisors also voted in favor of a smoking ban. it would prohibit lighting up at parades as well as certain street fairs and festivals including the chinese new year's parade. police say they won't be actively looking for violators. instead officials will rely on peer pressure and the publicity campaign to keep people from smoking tfrments recent cold snap is both bad and good for bay area businesses. with valentine's day just around the corner here, farms in petaluma is worried about the big chill. they've had to crank up the heat in the green houses to keep their roses blooming but for the napa auto parts store, the cold
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spell has boosted sells of car batteries. she'll tell us how much of a warmup we can expect tonight. police in san francisco say the robberies of two pharmacies in just one day may be linked. the first pharmacy was robbed at about 1:45 yesterday afternoon on clement street in the richmond district. police say two armed men wearing hooded sweatshirts stole blood pressure and nausea medications, then five hours later, two suspects entered a pharmacy in the sunset. we're told they got away with prescription amphetamines, morphine, methadone and rit lyn. police are looking at surveillance video from both drugstores. san francisco police say they identified a man who robbed a woman and threw her dog into traffic. detectives posted this picture of 35-year-old laurice barrett on the department's web site today. they say he's wanted for robbery and animal cruelty. police say barrett robbed a driver who pulled up to use her cell phone in the tenderloin december 28. they say he grabbed the victim's
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12-year-old pekinese from her car and threw the dog into the street. the dog died of its injuries. sonoma county deputies say they're being pulled in a dozen directions as they try to figure out who kill add man then stuffed his body in a car trunk. the gold sedan was left in a no-parking zone on petaluma hill road across from the sonoma state campus. the deputy recognized the vehicle from a previous domestic violence incident, saw blood on the front seat, then opened the trunk last night and found the body. the coroner identified the victim as 31-year-old sean francis parker. >> we don't know where the crime occurred at this time, but more than likely it occurred somewhere else and then they just dropped the car off there. >> police say they do not think the domestic violence case and homicide are related. investigators say the car belongs to a relative of parker's. firefighters say the clutter inside an oakland home hindered their efforts to battle a fire there today. the three-story home caught fire on east 26th street about 9:00 this morning.
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you could see the heavy smoke and flames from news chopper 2. the homeowner wasn't actually living in the home, and there are no injuries. firefighters say the flames spread to the attic and basement because of the amount of personal items in the home. now, to crock et where a fire that damaged pear and destroyed an abandoned building is being called suspicious. the blaze was reported this morning on a pier. it took crews physical 6:00 a.m. to put out the fire. we're told there was another fire on the same pier about two years ago. oprah winfrey is providing hints about her highly-anticipated interview with disgraced cycling champ lance armstrong. winfrey says the seven-time tour defrance winner now acknowledges use of performance-enhancing drugs. she spoke today with cbs this morning. >> i would say he did not come clean in the manner that i expected. it was surprising to me. i would say that for my self-my team, all of us in the room, we
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were mesmerized and riveted by soft his answers. >> armstrong is banned after anti-doping agencies say they found overwhelming evidence that he was directly involved in a doping program. armstrong's interview airs in two parts beginning thursday night on winfrey's network own. coast guard investigators are now working to find out why the captain of a tanker that sideswipe it had bay bridge tower last week made a last-minute change of course. the pilot had plan today go between the c and d towers according to statements he made on an open maritime channel but then for unknown reasons he switched to d and e towers, and the oil tanker struck the fender system protecting e tower. after the incident, we learned that a radar beacon on that bridge that showed sailors at midpoint between towers c and d was not working. this is is state of
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california, the people's property right here. >> time runs out for voters living in a bay area marina. while some ship out, others refuse. >> there is a buzz going on here at the facebook campus in menlo park after a big announcement today. we'll show you how facebook plans to expand what users can do. it's a cool night around the bay area, but warmer weather is creeping into your neighborhood. i'll have what you can expect as you get out the door tomorrow morning and what you can expect for the afternoon coming up. sofa... desk...
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. now, it's a matter of getting enough people together to do something about it and continuing that effort. mayor ed lee lost the city's annual human trafficking awareness month. he said the city wants to provide support to the victims of human trafficking and help go after the perpetrators of it.
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the mayor also announce it had winner of a poster contest aimed at spreading the news. happening now, voters being evicted from a possible peninsula harbor. the deadline to leave is midnight, but as john fowler reports, some promise to fight the eviction. >> by midday, most voters had left pete's harbor. 144 boat people had called this redwood city marina home. dwan foot lived aboard 14 years. >> it's really sad. it's really sad to see this community dissolve. >> such a nice community. people are so, so nice here, very friendly. >> but tim ron and carissa told me they felt kicked out, disregard sdmrd it was moving at a pace that was intended for our voices not to be heard. >> after more than 60 years, this 10-acre parcel is being sold. the developer wants to build 411 apartments with boat slips, but only for the new tenants.
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. >> homes for people, tax revenue to our schools, and it'll be a really true asset to this community. >> think of something like this: developers claim they may let a few owners remain briefly, but some boaters are daring to be evicted. paul has been here 12 years. >> i'm staying because this is the state of california, the people's property right here. >> the state lands commission may some day reopen the outer marina, but as of midnight tonight, sailors, including ken hatch and salty jack, are more or less homeless. >> boating is an adventure, and it's on to the next adventure for us. >> occupy activists say at midnight they plan some sort of civil disobedience. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the house passed a $50 billion measure to provide help to the victims of superstorm sandy but not without a fight. the final vote came late today, more than ten weeks after the storm. earlier conservative republicans try and had failed to cut the amount or offset the cost with spending cuts.
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money is slate today go to housing and repairs to transit systems. the measure now has to go back to the senate where it's expected to pass early next week. mayors from across the bay area are traveling to the nation's capitol this week for president obama's inauguration and for the national mayor's conference. the trip is also a chns for local leaders to push for federal highway funding. that's san ramon mayor bill tells us he plans to do along with at least four other east bay mayors who want improvements made to the 580/680 interchange. . a new analysis show that is san jose is one of just 14 u.s. cities that's experienced a job surge since the 2007 recession. the business journals reports from november of 2007 to november of 2012 san jose gained 6600 private-sector job. there are currently about 831,000 total. san francisco and oakland combined lost 71,700 jobs,
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dropping to 1,672,000. wal-mart announced today it'll provide jobs for thousands of military veterans in a move it says will help boost the u.s. economy. the retail giant plans to hire more than 100,000 veterans over five years. wal-mart also says it'll buy $50 billion worth of american-made goods over ten years and help part-time workers who want more hours move to full time. on wall streeshths stocks finished the day mixed. strong retail numbers boosd the dow, which rose by 27. nasdaq, though, lost six point way,ed down in large part by apple. the day was a dubous one for apple which closed below $500 a share for the first time in 11 months. apple is reportedly cutting its orders for iphone parts suggest sales are lacking. for the day apple dpe cliend about $15, more than 3%. facebook took a page out of apple's play book today by inviting the media to a big announce. but as robert honda reports, the new product didn't quite live up
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to all the hype. >> news agencies from around the world came to facebook's mystery announcement today. founder and ceo mark suker burg unveiled graph search, an advanced search capability that will ultimately allow users to search the data base through their own friends' posts and help members zone in on other members who share interests such as fairt activities. >> before having tools like that, that was really one-half of the equation whereas now people are going to have ability to discover and make all these new connection scombls tech analysts rob says helping people with shared interests connect could help facebook and ail tract crucial advertising, but criticized facebook for raising expectations with a premature roll out, limited beta use and still years away for most users. >> now, how they presented it was horrid. i mean, at the end of the day, it was presented as another search feature, kind of a linked in light.
7:20 pm
>> users we talked to ranged from enthusiastic to skeptical. >> will you be able to find friends -- mutual friends faster so it could potentially be good and a bad thing, but hopefully more of a good thing. >> as big a deal as today's announcement is for facebook and its employees here on their campus, suker burg emphasized monitoring the small percentage of users with access right now will be key in improving and expanding graph search. in menlo park, robert honda u ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco 49ers quarterback is seeing a surge in national attention this week following his record performance against the green bay packers. graces one version of the cover of this week's sports illustrated magazine. ravens quarterback joe flacco adorns the east coast version. he ran for 181 yards and two touchdowns against green bay in last saturday's divisional playoff game. he has more rushing yards in one game than any quarterback ever.
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the bay area's most popular surfing event may bejust days away. why nature right now is making things look swell for the return of maverick. and if you had had enough of the cold weather, there is an end in sight. meteorologist rosemary orozco tells us when 60-degree temps will return. q x
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. bay ayeah air quality manager issued a spare the air alert for tomorrow. this is the fourth of the winter season. the alert means burning wood, manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuel both indoors and outdoor social security prohibited starting at midnight tonight and lasting for 24 hours. not often that we get really excited about hitting 60, but rosemary we're really xietd about maybe hitting 60. >> it's going to be nice because today another cool day even though most of us a few degrees warmer this afternoon than where we had been yesterday. we're cooling off fast and the numbers are dropping in many areas. 35 degrees already in fairfield. we're looking at 38 outside your door in napa. low 40s for santa rosa. 40s around the bay. 37 grows in walnut creek. we have no advisories to talk about when it comes to the cold so that is a good sign. no frost advisories for the bay area, no freeze warnings for the inland spots. notice just a few high clouds coming in this direction.
7:25 pm
we have an offshore flow that has developed. if i back up the satellite radar, i'll show you where it's coming from. this ridge of high pressure so large, and you can see the circulation right around and coming into the bay area. this offshore flow is going to continue so we're going to be mostly clear. we're going to be chilly again tomorrow morning. we're going to be near freezeing and freezing in some of our colder spots but not as painfully cold as we have been. warmer afternoon and that will translate to warmer overnight low evens chully, as well. we will catch this warming trend and take it with us into thursday and then into the weekend even low to mid 60s in the forecast. gasia mentioned air quality will be an issue for tomorrow so with the clear skies, the cold conditions, we are expecting, you know, the inversion, and that means the pollutants will hang right near the -- where we live and breathe, and that is going to bring unhealthy air, especially for the sensitive folks up in the north county area, but the spare the air day is for the entire bay area.
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here is a look at what we can expect tomorrow morning as we get started. 38 in hayward, 37 mountain view, 36 for san jose. afternoon highs a few degrees warmer than today. 60 for santa rosa, 57 in vallejo, mid to upper 50s around the bay area, 59 for san jose, 59 los gatos, 60 degrees in gil roy. wow, it has been a little while since we have seen a 60-degree mark on our map. there is the extended forecast showing you we won't stop there. tem will bounce back into the mid to upper 60s in time for the weekend. gasia. >> rosemary, thank you. organizers of the mavericks invitational surf contest say the swells may be large enough to hit the waves this sunday. the annual contest is dependent on the waves forecast, which is looking good for this weekend. contest officials will wait until 48 hours before the swells are expected to hit before issuing the invitation. spectators that won't be allowed on the shore this year because of safety concerns but can watch the competition online and on
7:27 pm
big screen there at the event. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news well. eel see you the next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news. tonight we are just learning about developing news in san jose that's where a child on a bike has been hit by a car. we're sending a crew there. more on that at 10:00. tmz is up next right here on tv 36. you can't move the tv there.
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